The Illusion of Brexit: British People take it up the Acquis

With so many people currently pondering the effect of voting in a corporatist dictatorship, it appears that in Brexit we have a prime example of how the people are programmed to accept the illusion of choice, when in reality, the eventual result is always the one that best suits those who control the political classes, largely through bribery and corruption.

In her first speech as leader at the Tory Party Conference, the unelected prime minister laid bare her majesty's government's implicit intention to sidestep the proposed invocation of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, by simply repealing the European Communities Act 1972; thereby rendering void every subsequent accession to EU treaties, along with every EU regulation, statute and directive, under British law.

The hoo-hah over the recent high court ruling relating to the right of her majesty's government to invoke article 50 without consulting Parliament, therefore swims like a red herring through the river of deluded minds, providing yet another divisive conflict to distract the masses from what is actually happening right under their noses.

May also stated clearly in her speech that a Conservative government would place before Parliament the Great Repeal Bill, which would indeed repeal the ECA 1972, whilst instead of formally repealing all EU law, Parliament would be asked to convert it into British law:

"We repeal the European Communities Act, we will convert the ‘acquis’ – that is, the body of existing EU law – into British law. When the Great Repeal Bill is given Royal Assent, Parliament will be free – subject to international agreements and treaties with other countries and the EU on matters such as trade – to amend, repeal and improve any law it chooses.

But by converting the acquis into British law, we will give businesses and workers maximum certainty as we leave the European Union. The same rules and laws will apply to them after Brexit as they did before. Any changes in the law will have to be subject to full scrutiny and proper Parliamentary debate."

In simple terms, the unelected prime minister has already given notice that the queen intends to sign off on a statute which replaces Britain's ancient common law system with the Napoleonic civil code of the European Union. In other words, everything except membership of the EU will be retained, irrespective of Brexit.

Whether you voted in the referendum to leave or to remain, you have been duped into believing that political, financial, cultural and social policy was to be decided by a democratic ballot, when there was obviously never any political intention of repealing the dictates of the unelected, unaccountable, House of Rothschild bureaucrats in Brussels.

However, it is my contention that the establishment's legal advisers have missed or willfully ignored one crucial point of law; merely by repealing the 1972 Act, every one of those EU related legal instruments becomes void and unenforceable, as the detailed article below plainly sets out.


The proposed Great Repeal Bill could therefore be challenged in a representative action in the high court, on the ground that the bill would stand in breach of constitutional law if passed, since there is no public mandate to replace the ancient British common law system with a European civil law code, in which case such a bill would be a treasonous act against the people of these shores, just like the European Communities Act 1972.

Nevertheless, a representative action to set aside the Great Repeal Bill would only have a glimmer of a possibility of success in the rigged system, if it was launched before the bill is passed by Parliament, which it almost certainly will be, in the event it is not blocked on constitutional grounds before that can transpire.

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