TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

That’s right, you read that title correctly. Next week, after a calculated delay between the start of COVID-1984 and the present day, the TGBMS Class Action to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and signature forgery in the UK will suddenly lurch forward once again.

Along with the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, from the men and women in white and blue coats, all the way up to Hancock et al, in the murderous supply chain for the deadly drug that has been and continues to be used to euthanize people by government policy.

At this early juncture of the article, you’ll have to forgive me for smiling at the inevitable chorus of ‘I Told You So’ from long term supporters of my work, upon reading the foregoing paragraph.

What, you thought I’d spent the last fifteen years spinning an elaborate rouse to relaunch my stand-up comedy career?

If you did, you either have no clue whose words you are reading, or you’re simply not paying enough attention to the copious details of the actual nature of my character, which are well documented on these pages.

However, in a brief summary of that which is long since proven by my actions, if I talk the talk you can bet your arse that sooner or later I will inevitably walk the walk, unlike all of my detractors, who never possess anything other than state-sponsored gobshite to throw in my direction.

Class Action

Nonetheless, after a two and a half year suspension of proceedings, whilst the evidence was gathered in the Midazolam Murders case, for most of which there was a moratorium on the enforcement of mortgage possession proceedings – i.e. no evictions – the Chief Land Registrar will next week receive the following re-issue of the demand made in 2019, for and on behalf of Britain’s eleven million registered void mortgage holders:

That every registered UK mortgage which does not fully comply with the strict provisions of sections 1 [deeds] and 2 [contracts] of the Law of Property [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 1989 is cancelled as a mistake in the register, caused by the fraudulent registration of mortgage documents.

That every UK mortgage which has been registered using false signatures is removed as a mistake in the register, caused by the forgeries of the mortgagees on the mortgage documents.

That every void mortgagor is appropriately compensated by the Chief Land Registrar for the losses caused by the fraudulent registration of their illegal mortgages.

Evidence In Abundance

For the purposes of which, former CID fraud detective, Dave Laity, and I can now reveal that we have been quietly working together behind the scenes for the best part of the last three years, along with a merry band of heavy duty lay litigants, activists and advocates, to build a case that is so bullet-proof that even the totally rigged judiciary could not find any way to dismiss it, whichever way they look at the case.

Together we have amassed several lever arch files full of more than 1,800 documented cases of institutionalised mortgage fraud, in the form of the common practice of the banks ignoring every one of their statutory obligations; as well a plethora of examples of signature forgery by every one of the banks involved, most notably the Lloyds Group.

However, what has catalyzed our decision to lurch forward now in this pincer movement is perhaps the most effective type of peaceful resistance open to victims of white collar financial crimes that I have ever witnessed.

Namely, my great friend Dave’s effortlessly blistering appearance at the AGM of the Lloyds shareholders, in front of the chairman and the rest of the board, all of whom he and the truly indomitable activist and aggrieved Lloyds victim, Trevor Mealham, have long since accused of serious financial impropriety on a literally industrial scale, in addition to the allegations made in relation to Dave’s own case against the bank.

True Working Class Hero

As you can see for yourself in the video at this link, which was published along with a well balanced article by Insider on 13 May 2022, sections of which can be read below, Dave Laity publicly asked the entire Lloyds board, in front of every one of their shareholders, if they were willing to to liaise with us to end the crimes which we have so comprehensively documented.

The board of Lloyds Banking Group have been handed a letter calling them to act on evidence alleging fraud and to set aside around £3bn as remediation.

The document was provided by David Laity, a minority shareholder and former CID detective, at the bank’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Following complaints by other shareholders in the questions section of the meeting, Laity said there was a “disconnect” between some bad apples at the bank and the board, offering to act as a liaison for the victims of historic fraud.

He stated: “I’m here today on behalf of at least 100 customer and shareholders at Lloyd’s Bank who have a grievance in one form or another.

“I am a professional investigator, I can tell you some of the claims you are discussing around Bristol are being resurrected by the police because they were not properly investigated first time around – and I can assure you I have a plethora of criminal matters that are covered in a lot of these cases.”

Laity went on to suggest that the cases could relate to around £3bn in damages, based on the information he has studied and that there is a “very small minority in senior management that are bad apples”.

He continued “I’ve identified some, I need your help to stop it in its tracks now”, before asking whether the existing board would issue the same commitment Lord Blackwell gave at a previous AGM to work with the police force and “stamp out fraud”.

Current Lloyds chair Robin Budenberg responded that he would work with the group and accepted the documentation.”

In simplistic terms, what this fiercely intelligent, doggedly determined and not to be fucked with Cornishman did resulted in the public agreement of the entire board to work with him and his group [meaning the Operation Meadow and TGBMS Class Action litigants] to stamp out fraud within their entire banking group and all of their shareholders witnessed it ‘live’.

However, from a purely objective point of view, having had the pleasure and privilege of working closely with him on perhaps the two biggest cases in British legal history, Dave Laity’s actions are those of a true working class hero, who fearlessly takes on those who would steal everything from us if we let them, for all those who are are still blind to the imminent threat that is one bad run of fortunes away from their front door.

Next Steps & Familiar Ground

In February 2019, the former Lloyds chairman, who still stands accused of financial impropriety, commissioned the cancellation of the last remaining void mortgage over my family’s property, following a request from former chairman, James Crosby, many years after he retired from the Lloyds board.

This followed a nine year legal dispute with Bank of Scotland, which is documented on this site and in The Great British Mortgage Swindle, which you can watch here, whether you’ve already you’ve seen it or not. The mortgages in dispute were illegally registered under conditions Crosby was then responsible for as CEO of the bank, before he became chairman of Lloyds.

Nevertheless, it was the Autumn 2018 UK release of TGBMS, which quickly became the best reviewed British documentary feature film on Amazon Prime and placed immense pressure on the Lloyds board to take such an unprecedented course of action, as to cancel the void mortgage over my sister’s house the following February.

This was closely followed by the perfection of a Commercial Lien valued at £207 M, which I originally served on now disgraced James Crosby, at the very start of the legal dispute with my family’s property trust in the summer of 2010.

Crosby could have settled it then for a little over £2 M – the value of the beneficial interest due to me that was stolen by BOS – at a time during which he was legally responsible for the polices which enabled such theft.

Initially, as recently transpired when Dave Laity took his criminal complaints to boardroom level, the senior group complaints manager was appointed to deal with the lien, which he did by offering to settle on Crosby’s behalf.

Provided a non-disclosure agreement was executed, giving them an undertaking that we terminate all legal proceedings against any bank within the Lloyds Group, including ‘live’ criminal proceedings against Crosby et al for section 2 fraud.

Naturally, there was no chance that was ever going to happen and my lien was exchanged for it’s value in UCT’s credit based cryptocurrency, which you can read all about here. Whilst the Private Criminal Prosecution against Crosby is still to go before a jury, which edges ever closer.

History Repeats Itself

So imagine our complete lack of surprise when Lloyds offered Dave a blank cheque in compensation for the substantial losses they have caused him and and his family, provided he agrees to terminate the criminal proceedings he has been threatening the board with for several years.

When he inevitably refused their offer in much the same way I did, save that he communicated with them and I simply ignored their letters and phone calls, it appeared that might be their final offer of settlement.

But that was before Dave appeared at the Lloyds AGM and forced the board to agree to open serious discussions with us about ending the myriad of financial crimes we can prove the banking group has committed over decades.

The outcome of which is that they will now be presented with a list of perfectly reasonable demands for immediate action, about which I will elaborate in due course.

Midazolam Murders Case

Concurrent with the relaunch of the Class Action, all being well, we will lay a new set of charges against 49 [and still counting] defendants during the next week or so, in a different Magistrates Court to the one which has now railroaded three attempts to have the Midazolam Murders case listed for trial by jury.

This week, we will incorporate into our Statement of Case the recently received additional testimony of eye witnesses to the murder of their loved ones, each of whom has documentary evidence which proves every aspect of the equally harrowing crimes alleged.

Which are sufficiently similar in nature to the evidence already submitted in the previous applications before the courts to amply illuminate the disgraceful nature of the obstructions placed in the way of the natural course of justice.

Grand Jury To Reconvene

We will therefore initially present the evidence before a Grand Jury, seeking an indictment against all the accused, which we will then present to a Justice of the Peace for execution.

Provided our barrister signs off on the new evidence and summaries we are about to present him, the Grand Jury will be reconvened and the case will be presented at the earliest opportunity.

In the likely event the indictment is issued and executed by a Justice of the peace, the police and the courts will have no choice but to carry out it’s explicit instructions, or be held liable for obstruction of justice.

During the process of which we will bypass the rigged courts system by beginning proceedings in a domain beyond the reach of judge, monarch or government, where the Grand Jury will always reside.

Which is what happens when a system becomes sufficiently corrupt that justice is so unobtainable it cannot even be bought, when the success of a claim or criminal complaint threatens or impedes the private vested interests of the cartel of banksters that has controlled the entire shit parade in this country since they deliberately crashed the London stock market in 1815 for their own private gain.

Lest we forget that the puppet master behind institutionalised banking fraud and signature forgery are the same genocidal banksters who commissioned the Midazolam Murders to be carried out under the cover of COVID-1984.

PS | The Three Faced Terrorist

Whilst the release of part one of The Three Faced Terrorist brought more heat on me than anything else I have ever produced, I am reliably informed by my good friends in New Zealand that they and many thousands of their fellow Kiwis are eagerly anticipating the release of part two, as are many of my subscribers.

On the basis that the forthcoming ninety four point analytical demolition of the official narrative of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings is enough on its own to potentially force the New Zealand Prime Minister to resign in disgrace, it has taken several months to thoroughly research the subject matter and analyse all the available evidence.

Nevertheless, I am now editing the final material together in the second episode of the documentary feature, which should finally be ready for release by the end of the month at the latest.

So if you don’t hear from me for a little while, just assume that I am locked in my editing suite, with all possible distractions turned off, until it’s time for part two to turn the heat up to 11.

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