Join The UCT Speakeasy Revolution

Join The UCT Speakeasy Revolution

Join The UCT Speakeasy Revolution

Now I know there are some people who are loyal followers of my work, who have nevertheless been somewhat perplexed by my decision to go back to stand-up comedy this spring, fifteen years after my last gig.

In fact, some of you have privately commented that, whilst you support all my ‘serious work’, you simply don’t get what the Speakeasy venture has to do with any of the solutions to the endless problems tyrannous government has placed before us.

My friends, the UCT Speakeasy Revolution is not just about providing venues for raw and uncensored stand-up comedy – the literal front line of exercising the right to free speech.

It is also about providing every region nationwide with a multi-purpose venue that will not close, even if the rogue puppet government is stupid enough to try locking down this country ever again, whether on the orders of Big Pharma stakeholders in the City of London or otherwise.

Intellectual Sanctuary

In those Speakeasies, which will open in every corner of the country, you will not only be able to see the very best cancelled comics, but also every other type of censored, ‘live’, intelligent, cutting edge content, by speakers, artists, activists, teachers, mentors, writers, musicians, filmmakers and entertainers of all manners and descriptions.

So even if the worst happens and the Nazi-supporting government try to lock us down again, as it did in the Spring of 2020, there will be a Speakeasy that pops up near you, where you will be able to congregate with like-minded critical thinkers, to be presented with facts which will always be suppressed by the government controlled media.

This will be done in order to quickly organise peaceful but powerful and immediate grass roots resistance to whatever further crimes against humanity are committed by the puppets of the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, the public faces of which are the World Economic Forum and almost all the graduates of its ‘global leaders’ course, one of whom just so happens to be UK Prime Minister.

Eclectic Speakeasy Events

Should you become a member of a Speakeasy audience, you might well see uncensored stand-up comedy from the likes of the brilliant Craig Campbell, as the very happy audiences in Birmingham, Nottinghamshire and Newcastle did a few weeks ago.

But you might also see talks by censored voices like my loyal friends, Mark Devlin, Clive De Carle, David Parker and Dawn Lester, as well as my long term brother in arms, Michael O’Deira, the very first lay litigant to argue mortgage fraud correctly in a UK court, shortly before we met in Autumn 2009.

In addition, there will be film screenings, workshops and seminars on wide ranging subjects, from natural health to bushcraft, discharging fraudulent debt and establishing autonomous, independent, sovereign communities.

Speakeasy will also hold tax-free, indoor markets at selected venues, where local business owners can experience what a truly free market actually looks like and producers of all ethical goods and services will be able to sell directly to community members who attend, under the protection of the tax-exempt, government-free jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust.

Conspiracy Theorist Mastermind

There will also be a new ‘live’ game show playing at Speakeasy venues, along with everybody else who appears on the circuit.

It will be called Conspiracy Theorist Mastermind, featuring [subject to availability and inclination] courageously cancelled formerly mainstream voices like Sonia Poulton, James Delingpole, Matt Le Tissier, Gillian McKeith and Peter Ebdon.

During the show, which will be hosted by yours truly, each contestant will be asked questions on a vast array of conspiracy theories, pitting their wits against specially selected freelance researchers, on their chosen specialized subjects and general knowledge.

Speakeasy Comedy Club

However, if that’s not enough to satisfy all of you that the UCT Speakeasy Revolution is a cultural one already in motion, rather than an excuse for me to do stand-up comedy with the best comics not on the woke circuit, ponder this sad fact.

Thus far, the vast majority of UK comics are either so scared of the potential consequences of doing Speakeasy gigs that they turn down the opportunity, or they are so out of touch with reality that they wouldn’t be able to cope with the rooms of switched-on critical thinkers, who have filled and will continue to pack out every Speakeasy venue, so we haven’t bothered inviting them.

In other words, even if I wanted to go back to stand-up fulltime [which has never been my intention and never will be], we don’t have anywhere near enough comics to fill the Speakeasy circuit yet.

Having said that, as and when there are enough switched-on performers to fill Speakeasy Comedy Clubs nationwide, up to four nights a week, for 46 weeks of the year, we will absolutely meet that demand. So get in touch via the Speakeasy Telegram group if you’re a professional comic and you want to book a gig on the Speakeasy circuit.

But in the meantime, however many gigs I go on to have, I will not apologize to anybody for loving every minute I spend doing what I have always loved to do, without the restrictions that were placed upon me in the past incarnation of my comedy career, with the best cancelled comics of my generation.

It should also go without saying that the Speakeasy venture will never hinder any of my so-called serious work. In fact, it unequivocally supports, affirms and facilitates the progress of every one of my pre-existing commitments,

Gateway To UCT

All the other essential elements of the Speakeasy Revolution, as outlined about, will be expanded upon as we progress towards our first target – to open at least 22 Speakeasies before the end of this year, running at least one event each per month.

Nevertheless, the Speakeasy always operates under the jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust and will also provide the meeting places for UCT communities all around the country; as well as the gateway for people to join our rapidly growing number, by initially taking part in any one of the eclectic array of ‘live’ Speakeasy events we are currently scheduling for the next six months.

If you didn’t already, now do you get it? You do? Then join the UCT Speakeasy Revolution when we roll into a town, city or village near you. Please check out the events page below, where you can also book tickets for any Speakeasy event, which will soon include my new solo show, The Problems, The Reactions & The Solutions.

Book Tickets For Speakeasy Events

PCP & Op-Meadow / TGBMS Class Actions

Meanwhile, look out for my next blog post, which will take the form of an explosive update on the progress of the class action lawsuits alleging institutionalised criminal and civil frauds against the entire UK banking industry.

Suffice to say, we are about to demand that every fraudulent mortgage be cancelled on the application of every void mortgagor – a process that I have long since perfected and will soon publish, for the purposes of facilitating that end.

Moreover, that demand will be given on the emphatic understanding that failure to comply with it will result in the directors of every UK bank being named as defendants in our Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of the most prolific white collar criminals in legal history.

The service of this demand will naturally coincide with the next stage of the PCP against the Midazolam Murderers, the architects of which we can now prove, with mind-blowing prima facie evidence, conspired to kill hundreds of thousands every year for the past decade, in the name of giving them ‘a good death’.

We will therefore be giving eye witnesses to the Midazolam Murders the opportunity to tell their harrowing stories in front of ‘live’ Speakeasy audiences nationwide, without prejudice to the testimony relied upon in our prosecution of those responsible.

3FT Part 2 Coming Soon

Much later than expected, part two of The Three Faced Terrorist should finally be completed this week and will be released shortly afterwards.

Despite the incendiary subject matter, the unforeseen delays have been caused by technical issues, rather than legal ones, which have now thankfully been resolved.

However, those who are eagerly awaiting the release of part two should rest assured that the film devastatingly shows the impossibility the official narrative of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings, to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine how Jacinda’s government can possibly survive the inevitable shitstorm that will break out in the New Zealand parliament upon it’s release.

In short, patience always pays the greatest rewards.

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