The Art of War, Hidden History, COVID-1984, Liens and All Things UCT

The Art of War, Hidden History, COVID-1984, Liens and All Things UCT

The Art of War, Hidden History, COVID-1984, Liens and All Things UCT

As the sun begins to set over by far the toughest period of my life, I am delighted to announce the launch of two new webinars this month, as well as the relisting of three increasingly popular ones, on subject matter as varied as hidden history, winning wartime strategies and peacefully building a new advanced civilisation, without government, taxation and usury.

Taking part in these online events also contributes significantly to keeping the majority of my vast library of content paywall-free on this site, so every webinar ticket booked is always greatly appreciated, especially since I was unable to work when I was of no fixed abode for almost the entire Autumn of 2023, as the Deep State did its best to destroy me.

Well, I’m now back from that which I was not supposed to survive, wielding the hard-won sword of righteousness in the face of the floundering spirit of evil, on the brink of securing the restoration of custody, launching a credit-based banking system and pumping out more hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, mind-flipping content than ever before, as you can see for yourself below.

The Art of War Webinar

In the first of the new webinars, I will be reciting Sun Tzu’s timeless masterpiece, The Art of War, in addition to delivering my personal analysis of the great work’s true meaning, including how, why and when to apply its strict rules in adversarial conflict of any and all natures and descriptions.

However, The Art of War has been applied to many fields outside of the military conflict and a large part of the text is about how to outsmart one’s opponent without actually having to engage in battle – to win without fighting, in other words. 

As such, it has found application as a training guide for many competitive endeavors that do not involve actual combat. That is why to some the silent but underlying subject of the work is in reality The Art of Peace, Not War.

From my own perspective, I have consciously followed the rules of engagement laid out by Sun Tzu since 2010, since when I have won countless legal battles, most of which have been won without having to fight in court. 

If that brief summary whets your intellectual appetite for experience-based insights on The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it’s due to take place on the evening of Saturday 10 February at 7pm and tickets can be booked here:

Book Tickets For The Art of War Webinar 

Hidden History: The Last Judean Rebellion in the True Location of Biblical Events 

This Hidden History webinar will take you on a trip through the little known third and final Judean Rebellion against the might of Emperor Hadrian’s Roman Empire in 132AD, when a vengeance-seeking revolutionary called Simon Bar Kocheba led an army of one hundred thousand Judeans to retake their sacred city, Jerusalem, from the brutal occupation and religious control of Caesar’s legions.

Not only did the Judeans expel the Romans from their homeland, which they held for two years without major incident, but Simon was also proclaimed Prince of Israel and coins were minted bearing his image, along with that of a very Scottish looking thistle. 

However, those peaceful two years were cut abruptly short when Hadrian ordered that Judea, its peoples, its culture and its history be wiped from the face of the Earth, as a warning to all other potential revolutionary movements against Rome.

As well as presenting this staggeringly compelling tale, the webinar will also juxtapose the equally esoteric evidence which shows that it is simply not possible that the events depicted in the original Holy Scriptures [which the modern bible is but a shadow of] could have taken place in the Middle East. 

Moreover, the evidence also affirms the century old contention of perhaps the most suppressed British historian of all time, William Comyns Beaumont, that the Islands of Britain were the true location of biblical events and that’s why the original Apostolic Christian Church was founded here, no later than 36AD [according to the recently departed and much-missed British historian, Alan Wilson]. 

In other words, much like the previous Hidden History webinar on the history of the common law and the origins of Christianity, this one promises to be a jaw-dropper, so please book your ticket at the link below if the subject matter rouses your interest. 

Book Tickets For Hidden History Webinar 

Liens, Covid-1984 & UCT Webinars

Last but certainly not least, the extremely popular Liens Glorious Liens webinar, which was due to happen last night, will now go ahead one month from now and tickets can be booked here:

Book Tickets For Liens Glorious Liens Webinar 

Whilst the next editions of equally popular All Things UCT and the Crimes of Covid-1984 webinars can be booked at the links below:

Book Tickets For All Things UCT Webinar

Book Tickets For The Crimes of COVID-1984 Webinar

Latest Updates

At both the Liens and UCT webinars I will be delivering updated versions of the material, incorporating the very latest developments with regard to the credit-based banking system, the acquisition of UCT’s very own Private Bank and the roll-out of UCT’s new commercial paper backed currencies.

I also haven’t forgotten that I pledged to give back all the financial gifts I have received over the years to continue doing my work and to pay for the significant costs of doing everything I must to regain custody of my beloved daughter. 

Rest assured that pledge will be honoured as soon as UCT Bank is fully operational, whether in fiat or blockchain currency; and I will be elaborating on the significant progress we are about to make toward that end in my next blog post, so watch this space.

Before I Go

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loyal, passionate and generous support, care and love you have given to me, during what has been by far the most difficult period of my life. However, I am finally approaching the inevitable denouement of my emotional endurance test, thanks to more than a little help from my friends.

Whilst I’m severely restricted in what I can tell you about the current situation in the proceedings I’m legally prohibited from talking about, I can say that my proposed plan for restoring my custody at the earliest opportunity has now been established as the only course of action that is entirely in my daughter’s best interests.

Suffice to say, the facts of the matter and the applicable law affirm that she should never have been taken from my care in the first place and had she remained with me she would not have been forced to suffer the emotional harm caused by being separated from both parents for months on end.

Nevertheless, purely because of my profound love for and indomitable faith in my wonderful, much-missed daughter, I have known from the start that she is more than strong, brave and intelligent enough to protect herself from serious harm and to make the very best of her situation for as long as it takes for us to be reunited.

Limited Comfort

Now I’m not going to pretend for a second that being without my amazing daughter has not been the toughest kind of tough to endure on a daily basis. However, I’ve have taken a certain albeit limited kind of comfort from knowing that, much like Alec Guinness’s immortal Star Wars character, OB1:

The dark side tried to destroy me but it only made me far more powerful than they can ever imagine, making it inevitable that I win the most important battle of my life, without fighting. 

Until next time, take care of you and yours and make sure you cherish every precious moment you spend with those you love.

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