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Watch Michael O'Bernicia interview Anthony Stansfeld about The Great British Mortgage Swindle

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Rothschild: The Hidden Sovereign Power Behind BIS


In order to prove that the House of Rothschild was the hidden hand behind the founding of the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] in Basle, Switzerland – purportedly the central bank for the central banks, pictured above – the following facts need to be sustained with compelling evidence:

1. The men who founded BIS were working for or with the House of Rothschild when they founded the bank.

2. The governors of the central banks which became members of the BIS board of directors were working for or with the House of Rothschild in their financial policy-making.

3. The House of Rothschild has benefited, whether directly or indirectly, from any aspect of the business conducted by BIS.

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Politically Incorrect Podcast: 8 Steps To Cancelling Your Illegal Mortgage & Claiming Indemnity From The Land Registry

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A Great Charter for the 21st Century

Magna Carta 2018 - Restoration of Common Law

In the shadow cast by the continuing Brexit Pantomime, which has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Parliament is incapable of carrying out the will of the people, here lies the 1st draft of Magna Carta 2020, a Great Charter for the 21st century.

Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties, that the following declaration is made for and on behalf of the Sovereign People of Britain, in the absence of a legitimate Parliamentary democracy, following the UK Government's constitutionally unlawful subjugation to the dictates of the European Union, as exemplified by its abject failure to implement the people's decision to leave the EU, three and a half years after the referendum result in favour of leaving.

In addition, given that successive UK Governments have knowingly and consistently committed the following wrongdoings against the Sovereign People of Britain:

1. Unconstitutionally ceded British Sovereignty to the European Union [a foreign power].

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All The World or Nothing

An Introduction To The Bernician Chronicles

This is an introduction to The Bernician Chronicles, the eclectic journal of my life and times as a comedian, playwright and a filmmaker, a blacklisted ‘potential subversive’ and a notoriously unrelenting recalcitrant.

It is a story that spans fifty years, which is told partly in prose and partly in extracts from my diary, which I have kept since I was a twenty two year old London comic with serious writing ambitions and a predilection for politically incorrect subject matter.

The dual purpose of these chronicles is to document the extraordinary events which have dominated my life; and to set aside persistent suspicions, doubts and lies about the life I lived before I changed my last name from Knighton to O’Bernicia, more than a decade ago.

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M O'B at work

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True Love

True love is not a curse, a spell or a potion.

Nor is it transient, fickle or bereft of devotion.

It is not superficial, arrogant or materialistic,

Nor is it foolish, messianic or narcissistic.

True love is all powerful, yet sweeter than Marzipan,

Like a gloriously reassuring, transcendental commotion plan,

To wager our hearts, minds, bodies and souls,

Lifetime after lifetime, for whom the belle tolls.

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Miscellanous Posts

Brexit Means German Law By The Back Door

On the summer solstice 2012, the government-free jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust was founded by Treaty, in response to multiple treasonous acts of Parliament and officers of the Crown, in relation to the enactments of the Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1933 and the European Communities Act 1972, which effectively enabled the constitutionally unlawful […]

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TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters

TGBMS Day Is Coming For The Banksters In the face of continued criminality, three remarkable events transpired last week, which should provide inspiration and encouragement for everybody fighting mortgage fraud on the front line. Dorset Police and Crime Panel After being confronted with allegations of doing nothing to investigate allegations of institutionalized mortgage fraud, by […]

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Reviews of The Great British Mortgage Swindle – Odeon Belfast

Please take less than ten minutes out of your day to watch this amazingly inspiring and profoundly energizing interviews, given after the Belfast screening of The Great British Mortgage Swindle and the live version of TGBMS: Next Steps. Massive credit goes to Tobe Leigh. What he captured in Belfast is going to be seen by […]

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Mortgage Fraud 101: Case Law on Forced Entry by Bailiff and Police

Mortgage Fraud 101: Case Law on Forced Entry by Bailiff and Police Here are some essential pieces of case law, which should be used to deal with a bailiff and police, who claim they have the right to force entry into your property, without a valid warrant, order or debt. A bailiff may not encourage […]

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Nelson Trust v Bank of Scotland | Just-Us System Declared Void

Nelson Trust v Bank of Scotland | Just-Us System Declared Void There now follows a transcript of the judgment of HHJ Behrens, which is subject to Crown Copyright and published under a Fair Use and Fair Dealing Notice, for the purposes of educating the public and providing commentary about the Justice System. The judgment was […]

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Lies, Lies and Yet More Defamatory Lies

Lies, Lies and Yet More Defamatory Lies Oh dear, oh dear. Lies, lies and yet more defamatory lies to deal with, lest they fester in the minds of the gullible. Following my decimation of his last attempt to derail the TGBMS juggernaut, the mistrusted man who falsely claimed recently that a barrister had identified serious […]

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The Multi-Ethnic Genocidal Pi of the Zionist Agenda

In an epoch which should be called The Disinformation Age, alternative and social media pay increasingly more attention to seemingly ‘radical intellectuals’, each of whom is proclaiming that the only viable means of preventing the Zionist genocide of all indigenous European peoples is by uniting under the political banner of the ‘White Nationalist’, to violently […]

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Cease and Desist Notice To Lloyds Banking Group

Cease and Desist Notice To Lloyds Banking Group Today we have caused the service of the following Notice To Cease & Desist, upon the Chief Executive Officer of the Lloyds Banking Group, demanding the immediate cessation of all mortgage-related proceedings, in which there has been at least one allegation of some form of signature forgery. […]

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