Truth Fears No Investigation, But Lies Always Do

Truth Fears No Investigation, But Lies Always Do

The truth fears no investigation into the facts, but lies always do.

So why is it that the UK government refuses to disclose to the public the ‘science’ it has based its draconian decision to lock down upon?

Is it because its Chief Medical Officer was given $40 million by Bill and Melinda Gates in 2008?

Does Gates not have an obvious conflict of interests in screaming for mandatory vaccinations with his company’s vaccines?

Is it just a coincidence that UK-based Pirbright Institute also received $5.5 million from Gates?

Why does the Pirbright Institute own patents confirming CV was invented in a UK lab before the ‘outbreak’?

How come Public Health England wrote this in August 2014, on the subject of dealing with a future pandemic?

“Detection – Triggered on the basis of reliable intelligence or if an influenza related “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC) is declared by the WHO or by the WHO declaring a Pandemic Alert Phase 1.”

WHO the Big Pharma is in charge of public health in this country?

Is the reason the ‘science’ behind the government’s actions is not being disclosed because it is based on a pre-existing policy, rather than actual science?

Why is Big Pharma the only industry, save for the arms industry, which is not held liable for their products killing and maiming people?

Is telling the truth really a crime if it conflicts with government policy?

Is any law enforceable when it is founded upon false and misleading statements?

Are we living in a totalitarian pharmaceutical idiocracy or a constitutional parliamentary democracy?

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