Dystopian Homesteader | Electroculture, No-Dig Beds & Chalky White Sky

Dystopian Homesteader | Episode 1

Electroculture Farming In No-Dig Beds Under Chalky White Sky

In a new series called Dystopian Homesteader, Michael O’Bernicia chronicles the transformation of his back garden in Newcastle, from an overgrown home allotment in Autumn 2022, into an increasingly abundant homestead in Spring 2023, using both No-Dig and Electroculture principles as the foundations of the ambitious project, dedicated to maximising the organic food produced, with a view to becoming as self-sufficient as possible whilst living in the city.

The project is very much a work-in-progress and The Bernician does not purport to be anything other than an amateur gardener, who enjoys learning from his mistakes and then vowing never to repeat them. As a consequence, he has enjoyed more successes than debacles and therefore feels compelled to pass on what he has learned in the hope it will be of benefit to others.

In addition to a veritable plethora of ‘conspiracy theories’ that will be a regular feature in future episodes, Michael will be making observations about the manipulation of the weather with undisclosed geoengineering projects, aiming to ‘dim the Sun’ in the name of the climate scam that is ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Anthropomorphic Climate Change’.

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