Ominous Signs of British Resistance to Agenda 21


There are three organisations which are required to avert the tyrannies of a criminal government: a voluntary association of the self-governed; grand juries of the people, for the people, by the people; and diligent keepers of the peace.

All three organisations currently exist on these shores, outside the jurisdiction of any government:

Universal Community Trust – a voluntary association of sovereign anarcho-nations;

Sovereign Grand Jury – convened under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust;

PeaceKeepers – a voluntary association of common law peacekeepers.

There are three practices which give rise to and perpetuate criminal governments: the religion of statism; placing the rights of the collective above those of the individual; and the division of those who were formerly united in opposition to wrongdoing.

All three practices are currently rife on these shores, where most people have become so demoralised that they are unable to determine right from wrong, or truth from fiction.


There are three signs that a criminal government is faced with the mass resistance of the people it is tyrannising: the government’s actions become more extreme, cruel and myopic; passionate opposition to its actions suddenly becomes endemic; and the people are increasingly fearless of the consequences of disobeying its dictates.

All three signs are being witnessed on these shores, where at least fifty million people from all walks of life are united in their angry opposition to a plainly illegitimate and criminal government, which has imposed a brutal, tyrannous, corporatist police state upon the beleaguered people of Britain, whose lives have not been threatened by such extreme genocidal measures since the bloody conquest of William the Bastard in 1066, which resulted in the extermination of almost the entire indigenous population.


Even the columnists in the Telegraph and the Guardian have been up in arms about the politico-criminals who are going unpunished for all manner of heinous crimes, whilst countless people suffer and perish under the sheer weight of their enslavement to a so-called austerity programme, which has been systematically imposed by successive criminal governments to dramatically reduce the population within the next decade, in accordance with Agenda 21:

The growth of world population and production combined with unsustainable consumption patterns places increasingly severe stress on the life-supporting capacities of our planet. These interactive processes affect the use of land, water, air, energy and other resources. Rapidly growing cities, unless well-managed, face major environmental problems. The increase in both the number and size of cities calls for greater attention to issues of local government and municipal management. The human dimensions are key elements to consider in this intricate set of relationships and they should be adequately taken into consideration in comprehensive policies for sustainable development. Such policies should address the linkages of demographic trends and factors, resource use, appropriate technology dissemination, and development. Population policy should also recognize the role played by human beings in environmental and development concerns. There is a need to increase awareness of this issue among decision makers at all levels and to provide both better information on which to base national and international policies and a framework against which to interpret this information.
It naturally follows that, in the event that statists, collectivists and those conquered by division, are suddenly outnumbered by self-governed voluntaryists, who are armed only with the material facts, well-developed logic and straight-talking rhetoric, the societal conditions necessary for criminal governments to arise and prosper cannot possibly be maintained and will inevitably cease to exist in the heartlands of these formerly sacred isles.


Murdered by Austerity

“Yeah… but how is that ever gonna happen when most people have been brainwashed to think the world would be a much darker place if you anarchists get your way and we abolished central government?”

By asking every individual you know with a statist, collectivist or conquered mentality two seemingly straightforward questions, until they realise for themselves that there is no such thing as legitimate democratic government:

Can you please name one democratic government which did not violently oppress those who did not consent to its aims and objectives?

Conversely, can you also name one genuinely anarchist community [revolutionary Marxist anarcho-communes don’t count, since anarchy and communism are mutually exclusive] which sought to violently oppress any individual or group for not adhering to its aims and objectives?

Since such things have never existed in the known history of mankind, once faced with the self-evident truth about the inherent illegitimacy of collectivist government, as well as the inescapable fact that anarchy is its nemesis; the statist cannot cling any longer to this socially engineered world view, without accepting that they are happy for the government to continue oppressing everybody who opposes its violent, corporatist policies, including the statist, their family and friends, should they ever start thinking for themselves, without having been given permission to do so by the fictitious bogeyman known as “the state”.

Only a fool, a dupe, a coward or a psychopath would even attempt to justify such an unconscionable position, in the event that these irrefutable facts are pointed out to them. It is therefore fair to say that the sooner sovereign voluntaryists outnumber collectivist tax-slaves, the sooner the government tyrannies we are witnessing, resisting, suffering or ignoring will come to an end; and the sooner mankind will stop repeating the mistakes of the past three millennia.

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