Major Progress In Battle For Custody of MOB’s Daughter

Major Progress In Battle For Custody of MOB's Daughter

Major Progress In Battle For Custody of MOB’s Daughter

First and foremost, I need to pay tribute from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelming support I have had since the state took my daughter from our former family home on 13/09/2023.

To say that the support I have received from all quarters has been emphatic is an understatement, given that I managed to raise enough funds to fight for custody of my daughter in less than two days, with donations coming in thick and fast from all around the world.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have shed a tear at the kindness, generosity and commitment of so many thousands of people to assist me in getting her out of the notoriously dangerous, profit-seeking, UK care industry.

Unfolding Narrative

However, whilst I will soon be telling the story of what has transpired on my blog [and in a new feature documentary I am making called SNATCHED], for legal reasons, I am only able to tell you the following things.

I have denied the Family Court jurisdiction to act, maintained Superior Guardianship Rights and have not been served with a single court document, even though social services falsely claim they have been trying to serve me since the start.

It is therefore obvious that I am not even a party to the case, which was confirmed by the court last Friday, implicitly meaning that my daughter should never have been taken out of my care.

Not An MI6 Op

I was wrong about the taking of my daughter being an MI6 operation. MI6 simply hoped to capitalize on the demoralizing course of events.

The reason I mistakenly thought differently was because I was tipped off that it was by an individual I now know was trying to divert my attention from where it needed to be focused.

Nevertheless, all my adversaries will melt in butt-clenching fear over what is about to happen next, given the sheer volume of dishonest statements which have now been made in my absence, not to mention some serious failures to disclose evidence that is material to the cases of all concerned and affected parties.

Moreover, the court and social services have no evidence justifying keeping my daughter in care and my legal team is confident I will obtain custody within the next 4 weeks at the latest.

Especially when I am not even a party to the proceedings, which certainly explains why I haven’t been served with a single court document from the outset, despite an abundence of false claims to the contrary.

Needs Must When Contact Denied

Nonetheless, I have now been completely denied all forms of contact with my wonderful daughter for seven and a half weeks, which will have caused her significant emotional harm that may take years to recover from and which only happened because she was unlawfully taken into care.

Therefore, until reasonable contact is resumed, with lawful excuse I will continue to communicate with my daughter publicly, since there is no legal impediment precluding me from doing so.

Another Message For My Much-Missed Daughter

Hello my lovely. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected.

Never forget how much Dad loves you and that I will not rest until you have everything you need to live your life the way you see fit, regardless of what anybody else has to say on the subject.

I also want to tell you how very many people are sending all their love and prayers asking that you are back where you belong in my custody way before Christmas.

When [not if] that happens, there will be a glorious celebration all over this country and everywhere else where there are people praying for your safe return.

Not long now Ren, so stay strong, take no crap from anybody and remember that none of this is your fault, so there is no need to fear any repercussions from any quarter whatsoever.

As always, I will do all in my power to protect you from harm and will forever be here for you whenever you need me.

Missing you as profoundly as the Earth would miss the Sun but I know that one day very soon we will be joyfully reunited and the Sun will shine once again.

Love you enormously,

Dad xxx

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