Magna Carta 2018: Restoration of Common Law

In TGBMS, we propose that the only remedy capable of righting the myriad of wrongdoings committed by government officers and the judiciary is a Grand Jury's unilateral declaration annulling their purported jurisdiction to carry out their crimes against the people.

However, we could argue all day about which remedy will put right the wrongdoings of bankster-controlled criminal government, but only one remedy will set aside all the potential conflicts that could so easily divide and conquer those who must stand under one united cause in our millions, if we are to have any realistic chance of garnering enough grass-roots support for radical and urgent change in Britain. To achieve that, we must present an idea whose time has come:
MAGNA CARTA 2018: A treaty of the British people, nullifying the jurisdiction of criminal government and re-affirming the birthrights, freedoms and protections which no monarch, pope or parliament ever had the right to purport to repeal or replace, by a multitude of treasonous acts. The Brexit Hoax is just the tip of the iceberg.
In the event I receive sufficient support for this proposal, the draft document will be drawn up and presented to the founders of the New Chartist Movement, for their urgent consideration, for the specific purposes of peacefully, equitably and lawfully bringing about the following aims and objectives:
1. An end to all crimes against Mankind and the Earth that are currently being perpetrated by governments, whether elected or not, corporations, organisations, individuals and legal entities of all natures and descriptions.
2. The dismantling of all industries which, by developing, manufacturing and exploiting for profit any substance, product or by-product, cause actual damage, harm, injury or loss to Mankind and/or damage to the Earth.
3. The deconstruction of unsustainable fiscal systems that would facilitate inequities, including [without limitation] the abolition of usury in all it’s forms and the de-monopolisation of land rights, inter-national borders, mediums of exchange, trading platforms and the means of communicating, publishing and distributing information.
4. The nullifying, settlement and/or discharge of all usury-based fraudulent debts, whether public or private; the abolition of theft by taxation; and the creation of interest-free credit for all public works, private enterprise and domestic maintenance of every household.
5. The eradication of all forms of artificial scarcity and its effects, including homelessness, famine and disease, by and through the facilitation of a naturally abundant, peaceful, free and harmonious environment for every nation of peoples to dwell and the distribution of organic materials, agricultural produce, seeds and proven natural health remedies.
6. The dissolution of Mankind’s dependence upon fossil fuel industries for the production of energy, including [without limitation] coal seam gas mining, coal fired power stations and oil drilling, as well as the cessation of all toxic pollution of the biosphere of the Earth in any detrimental form whatsoever, whether it be gaseous, liquid, solid or radioactive, and the closure and clean-up of all unsafe nuclear power facilities.
7. The rapid development, manufacture, distribution and implementation of new and existing free and clean energy technologies, with a view to making every home and busniess energy self-sufficient, without polluting the Earth.
8. A cease-fire in all unlawful wars of aggression and the repatriation and resettlement of all armed services personnel, following the repudiation of all unlawful allegiances and the setting aside of all oaths made in the service of private interests to the detriment of Mankind.
9. The establishment of Co-operative Trade Networks in and between all communities, with a view to promoting the localisation of infrastructure and trade, self-sufficiency, peace-keeping, mutual defence and co-operation.
10. An agreement that privately issued Promissory Notes made payable to bearer on demand may be used for the purposes of settling any valid financial obligation or to create credits in any account held at a usury-free depository, provided those credits are not derived from or used for any purpose that is detrimental to Mankind and/or the Earth.
11. The nullifying of any and all unlawful judicial proceedings and convictions for victimless crimes, as well as the prosecution of all treasonous officers of criminal government and the bankers who control them; the aboliton of the judiciary and prosecution of all judges accused of being complicit in the abduction, trafficking, abuse and murder of children; and the restoration of the Trial By Jury Common Law System, including the right to slience, free speech, free assembly and the presumption of innocence.
12. The facilitation of the re-emergence of the Universal Bond of Common Unity between the free indigenous peoples of the Earth, irrespective of race, creed or culture, in order to restore and maintain the unique diversity of nations, which the architects of the Kalergi Plan are intent on destroying by any means necessary.
The only law anybody needs to know is Natural Law, which is best expressed in language everybody can easily comprehend:
Do no harm, cause no loss, but take no shit from anybody, especially criminal government, the most prolific mass murderer the world has ever known.
If now is not the time to act, when will be? If we don't end the tyranny, who will? The future is not ours, unless we make it. I therefore implore every man, woman and child on these shores to unite and conquer the ill-gotten empire of those who seek to destory us all, without a single gunshot being fired.
I did not come this far to leave the country of my birth a worse place that it was when I was born almost half a century ago. Those who feel the same fire in their belly to do all they can to put things right before people start disppearing in their thousands, to protect the perpetrators of the most heinous tyranny that these lands have known in almost a thousand years; please spread this meme like wild fire, so that its urgent import reaches everybody it needs to without delay.
#MagnaCarta2018. The only way forward for the British people.
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