Another Win In The County Court & Check Mate For Lloyds

Another Win In The County Court & Check Mate For Lloyds

Another Win In The County Court & the Beginning of the End for Lloyds

Here lies more [yes more!] fantastic TGBMS news, from my friend, Craig Whitewood.

After initially stopping fraudulent mortgage possession proceedings by demanding that his bankster produce valid mortgage documents, a county court judge ordered that they had to do so within 28 days.

Despite the fact that the bank failed to provide the documents within the allotted time, claiming that they simply didn’t know where they were, the judge threw out Craig’s application, after an administrative error prevented him from attending, following the listing of the hearing.

However, Craig then quickly filed an appeal on the TGBMS Grounds, only for the court to issue a possession order to the bank, when the appeal was already on foot.

Never Give Up

Refusing to be deterred, Craig told the court that the order was issued before the outcome of the appeal of the dismissal of his application for a strike out of the bank’s fraudulent claim was known.

A hearing of his argument was then quickly listed and the presiding judge ruled that the possession order be suspended, pending the result of his appeal.

Nevertheless, the primary reason Craig deserves enormous credit is because he held his ground and refused to accept the court’s erroneous decision, in circumstances in which many, if not most people, would have buckled under the pressure.

If I was asked to identify the singularly most important thing in fighting mortgage fraud, I would point people to the very end of The Great British Mortgage Swindle, when my Dad says the following:

“Never give up. That’s the message. NEVER…GIVE…UP.”

Inspiring Others

It naturally follows that the courageous actions of Craig and an increasing number of people on the front line, will no doubt inspire many others not to give up hope, when they think all is lost because a court has ruled against them.

Whilst Craig’s appeal of the county court decision is yet to be won, it is worthy of note that they judge threw out the bank’s argument that he had no chance of succeeding in the appeal, stating that he would not have stayed the possession order if that was the case.

Beginning of the End for Lloyds

The more I consider the implications of the letter from Hollinrake to the Lloyds CEO, the more I am convinced that we now have a realistic opportunity to have all the banking groups’s mortgage possession claims shut down.

I will therefore be drafting a notice for Horta-Osario, for and on behalf of all Lloyds Group illegal mortgagor, alleging that every single transaction contains at least one forged signature; and that he must therefore cease all collection and enforcement proceedings forthwith.

Given that all the banks, including Lloyds, are already on the run from the fearsome TGBMS Grounds, this might well be the time to hammer the final nail in the coffin of institutionalised mortgage fraud.

Furthermore, if the pathetic responses we have had thus far are anything to go by, the banksters’ legal representatives are clueless as to how they are ever going to be able to sustain a defence to the TGBMS class actions.

That’s because its impossible to defend in indefensible.

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